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Macaron and Le Pen in the second round of presidential elections ... What a story!

Macaron and Le Pen in the second round of presidential elections ... What a story!

Macaron and Le Pen in the second round of presidential elections ... What a story!

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Text of Amir Hamoui

Last updated: 24/04/2017

Opinion polls predicted the outcome of the first round of French presidential elections. While the Republicans and the Socialists have filtered out their internal accounts, it has become necessary for the winning candidates to form the ranks around them.

The feeling was that these elections were unprecedented in recent times. But opinion polls have largely erred in Britain and then in the United States to the point that they have to wait for the polls to be resolved. We have not been disappointed by the results, it is not a simple shake but a hurricane. The two parties that have been in power since the beginning of the Fifth Republic are far from the presidential elections since the first session. The French chose to renew.

In this context, there is a common point between the voters of Emmanuel Macaron and the Marin Lupan voters: the parties were acquitted of the Socialist Party and the Republicans. The results of the ballot call first to stand against an extremist party that qualifies for the second time to the second round of presidential elections in 15 years. Although all the results of the opinion polls have been pointing to this result for months, it is normal to consider it a mistake.

This situation calls for a rally against the extreme right. In the ranks of the losers, except in rare cases, all the leaders of the "Republicans" and "the Socialist Party" clearly called for a vote for Emmanuel Macaron. In the ranks of the "noble France" movement, whose leader Jean-Luc Melanchon achieved an exceptional result, the hesitation is extreme.

What is unprecedented is France's division into four forces of between 20 and 25 percent of the vote, which have no "natural" ally, while the legislative elections will decide the political direction of the country in the next five years. To get the majority, under the political system adopted by the country, you must have allies. Therefore, it will be up to the President of the Republic to create the conditions of this alliance, a task that is expected to be difficult and its path full of bumps.

The president will not only find alliances, but also machinations. The two long-ruling parties have not yet finished. The Socialist Party seems more threatened, it seems to have reached the bottom ... as if it were in the recovery room and will know a sharp bleed.

The situation is less accurate for the "Republicans" who supported the last-minute candidate who lost his moral credibility after the issues that follow him. They will have less trouble finding a new leader to lead the legislative campaign. Everything is possible: from the return of Nicolas Sarkozy, who can take advantage of his image as former president of the republic, until the confrontation between the new generation of leaders aged between forty and fifty years.

Instead of the traditional split between the right and the left, voters pushed for a new political world in which two different visions of the world wrestled. The first vision is open to Europe and confident of globalization (and we hope, as we hope, to correct its flaws and raise its injustice). The second is isolated around France and has a narrow concept of national identity.

If Emmanuel Macaron wins the second round, he will hold in his hands, like every new elected president, all the cards of the game, as well as a historical responsibility for the success of the rally imposed by the reconstruction of the political scene. He will also be able to repeat this phrase on May 7, 1981 to Francois Mitterrand: "What a story!"

Amir Hamoui

Published on: 24/04/2017

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