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The Holocaust and the Holocaust.

We Remember

We Remember

Every year, Jews commemorate the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of six million Jews who died in the Second World War at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators, according to their claim and belief, this 70th anniversary of the end of the war, which officially ended on 15 August 1945, Today, as an official mourning day in Israel, flags are dropped in all public institutions, and sirens are heard in all the cities of the settlements of the state of the entity for minutes of silence for their lives and other events in memory of this Holocaust.

What does "holocaust" mean?

The word Holocaust refers to the genocide of Jews at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War, and sometimes the term "genocide" or genocide is used to describe this incident, but the most common term is the Holocaust, Means "destruction," as the British Encyclopedia suggests, but was originally a Jewish religious term that refers to "the offering to the Lord and the burning of a complete and undiminished burning on the altar."

 In 1933, the Jewish population in Europe numbered more than nine million, and most European Jews lived in the Nazi-occupied countries during the Second World War before 1945. The Germans and their collaborators killed about two out of every three European Jews as part of the "Final Solution" The Nazi policy of killing the Jews of Europe.

Although the Jews were the target of Nazi racism, the number of victims was 200,000 Gypsies, and 200,000 mentally or physically disabled were killed in the "euthanasia" program.

Therefore, the Holocaust was considered one of the most sacred rituals of the Jews, and it offered an expiation for the sin of pride. In Hebrew, this incident is referred to as "Shuah", which means burning. The word "war" is sometimes used to mean destruction or destruction. The destruction of the Temple. Thus, the choice of terminology in itself - whether in English or Hebrew - to describe a specific historical event is the elimination of part of the Jews of Europe, take away this incident holiness and remove it from its historical and cultural context.

The authors of the Holocaust legend believe that the Nazis exterminated the Jews in Eastern Europe during the Second World War by means of large gas furnaces, and the burning and extermination of about 6 million Jews, a third of the Jewish people at the time.

With the advance of the Allies, the Germans increased the pace of extermination in the camps in parallel with the start of the evacuation of the prisoners in the funerary processions, after the German defeat and with the liberation of the camps, the extent of genocide, horror and brutality that shook the entire world was revealed.

The Myth and Truth of the Holocaust

I read many translated books of many historians and examined them. I saw a lot of evidence and documents that show the falsity of this claim, which is not based on any real and authentic evidence of the Nazi Holocaust, which the Jews promoted in Europe and that it is just a game and a rumor, in order to displace the Jews and establish State and entity on the land of Palestine after the Second World War and here are some of the signs that illustrate this.

According to documents dating back to World War II, Nazi Germany had collaborated with the Zionist movement to incite hatred against the Semites for the deportation of Jews to Palestine to establish the State of Israel

British historian David Irving, who was arrested in Austria on November 17 for his anti-Jewish lies, says: "There is no document regarding the gas chambers."

There is a large number of historians and researchers who do not admit these lies. The first to doubt the myth of the Holocaust and the Nazi gas chamber is the French researcher Paul Racine, as well as the French writer Louis Ferdinand Salin who ridiculed the alleged gas chambers Using the term "magic gas chamber".

 The American chemist, Germar Rudolf, who is currently imprisoned in America, has done a study proving that the gas supposedly used against the Jews, which is supposed to have traces over centuries in the soil, There was never any trace of him in the Nazi concentration camps.

"The myth of the Nazi gas chambers died on 21/2/1979 on the pages of Le Monde when a French historian revealed that they could not accept the challenge of the technical impossibility of these ridiculous chemical slaughterhouses," said French physicist Robert Faurisson, who was subjected to four assassination attempts.

 "Throughout history, humanity has known a hundred holocausts with terrible loss of life and bloody disasters, but its contemporaries used to remember only one: the Holocaust, until the Holocaust became only for the Jews, without the need to say: the Holocaust.

No previous holocaust paid for material damages similar to those demanded and accepted by the Jews in the face of the catastrophe they describe as unique and unprecedented, which would have been true if the three elements (alleged extermination of Jews, alleged Nazi gas chambers, The six million alleged Jewish victims) is real, and also says: "No one was able, Auschwitz concentration camp."

The lie of the Nazi Holocaust

In fact, it was in the interest of the colonial powers, especially Britain in particular, to promote the issue of rumors about the scale of the Nazi massacres against Jews for economic reasons, concerning the desire to deport the Jews to Palestine to establish a state for them, but many countries like Switzerland regret it.

In fact, the gas chambers were used to disinfect prisoners' clothes and guards from the epidemics of epidemics that were widespread at that time. The chambers of the small incinerators were used to cremate the dead as.

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